furniture pictures & unexpected therapy

In writing that subject line, I suddenly thought it sounds like we found out we have were bequeathed a fainting couch and I’m going to use it for therapy sessions.

Tonight that might have been just what I needed. I got a bit I-might-rock-in-a-corner-we-have-so-much-to-do emotional and, sadly, Scott became my emotional punching bag about it all. Ugh. After a walk around the block, the Holy Spirit was nudging me to talk to him and apologize. A good man, he just embraced me as tears welled up in my eyes.

Afterwards, Scott asked if I wanted to see pictures of our furniture. Um, yes please!

Thinking this coffee table has great potential…


So, Here’s the latest in entertainment. Join Scott and I for the pilot episode of What Do You Think is In This Box? (There are about 6 boxes of kitchen items like this.)IMG_0539

Sippy cups, schmippy cups. Goblets are making a comeback.

And Because homes don’t come with refrigerators, you bring your own. And we’ve been given two. Woo hoo–party at the Bentleys’!


A fun Retro table and chairs for many how-do-I-translate-a-recipe-into-metric-cooking adventure meals.

IMG_0541Other pictures are to come, our friends say, but we’re just thankful to get a taste of what “home” might include. We’re still amazed at how God’s provided home items for us…all the while we’re half a world away.

So, about therapy. It’s for Joshua.

Unexpected because, before his 18-month well visit last week, we hadn’t really considered that his speech was delayed. That he didn’t have 10 words he way saying and our wonderful pediatrician saw the red flag.

This morning, thanks to a cancellation, we got in to see the speech therapist a week early. So thankful because she confirmed that he has weakness in his jaw and tongue that’s contributing to him having a hard time with words. (And alleviated some mama guilt I was having. Do I not talk to him enough? Do I not “teach” him enough?)

So, here’s our new chewing toy for his 5-times-daily jaw exercises.

photo (20)

Dr. Beckman is a forerunner, I believe, in this area of oral motor therapy. We’ve actually benefitted from her expertise when we took Lizzy to the practice when she was a month old and having trouble nursing. Many of the exercises I did with Lizzy to strengthen her mouth I’ll be doing with Joshua. We’ll see Dr. Beckman weekly until we move, and even then, she said she’d be happy to have Skype appointments with us.

As we drove away, Scott and I were processing the evaluation and were struck at how, if we’d left for Australia when we’d planned, we’re not sure if we would’ve caught Joshua’s need for some extra help/intervention. Maybe we would’ve–Australia has great doctors, but maybe it’s just another kind way that Jesus is showing us that His time frame for moving is perfect and that He has great care for our kids, too.


Introducing Joshua Christopher Bentley!

IMG_0543We are rejoicing in our newest edition to the Bentley family! Joshua Christopher Bentley was born at 1:59pm today. He is 6 lbs 10 oz and 18 ¾ inches long. Both Angie and the Joshua are doing great, even with him being born 4 weeks early. He is going to be under observation for the next 48 hours, then we get to take him home. It was 42 hours from the time Angie’s water broke until Joshua’s birth. Angie was a total champ and I’m so very, very proud of her.