the sibs


Our new stroller–so thankful for the great find on Craigslist. Score!

Lizzy’s doing fine apart from some extra clingyness and anger spells that we’re pretty sure come from the hard medical few days she had of being proded a lot. Both she and Joshua are on daily anti-reflux medicine. If possible, it seems that Joshua’s gotten worse with the meds and we’re waiting for the Dr. office to call us back with next steps. Lizzy hasn’t had anything remotely resembling another seizure but we’re not sure if the meds are working on her, either, since we’ve seen a number of swallowing episodes that seem indicative of her still having reflux.


In light of the hard last week, it’s appropriate to do some celebrating. We’re enjoying some sweet sibling time these days. Lizzy loves, loves, loves Joshua (said “Jaw-Jew”) and often asks for him right after she wakes up. She’s always on binky patrol, it seems, rushing off to find one and offer it to Joshua/stick-it-in-his-mouth-quite-forcefully. She’s such a good helper and is showing herself to be a lover of people the way she readily offers hugs (my favorite are the ones she gives both my legs from behind, tucking herself in between). She kisses Joshua by gently lowering her forehead to some part of his body. Adorable.

These days are going to pass so quickly so I have to write down a couple cute things Lizzy’s doing so we don’t forget.

  • “Hoe-wee, hoe-wee, hoe-wee,” she’ll say/sing. She must have heard it on the radio. I thought she was natually so spiritual to catch on to that until she seemed to be doing the same thing when she was taking her straw in and out of the hole on her milk container yesterday. I’m coming to terms that she thinks she’s singing about 3 openings rather than the amazing other-ness of God.
  • “I need mohhhhr! I need mohhhhr!” usually followed by a hustle to her little kitchen to get some eclectic mix of items to present to you or to pile up on some surface in another room. I’m not sure where she got it the phrase, but it’s hard to not crack up. (Even Joshua does, as evidenced in the top picture by his little grin-type something.)
  • “Jew-a-weee” — it’s true. No one has to teach little girls to dress up. The purple necklace she’s wearing here is her favorite. And a find at the park, caught in a bush. May her pleasures always be so simple. Well, until her tastes get more expensive. Especially since she likes to accumulate more. “Jew-a-wee! I need mohhhhhr!” she’ll say.
  • “A-wheeeeeee”=the slide and maybe the whole park, not sure. It took awhile to break the complex code, but Hardy Boy prodige Scott did, realizing that means the slide because that’s the sound you make when you go down. Makes perfect sense. She makes daily requests to go to the “A-wheee” so thankful it’s right across the street.

Introducing Joshua Christopher Bentley!

IMG_0543We are rejoicing in our newest edition to the Bentley family! Joshua Christopher Bentley was born at 1:59pm today. He is 6 lbs 10 oz and 18 ¾ inches long. Both Angie and the Joshua are doing great, even with him being born 4 weeks early. He is going to be under observation for the next 48 hours, then we get to take him home. It was 42 hours from the time Angie’s water broke until Joshua’s birth. Angie was a total champ and I’m so very, very proud of her.