embracing my beloveds — 2 of ’em

However you spell beloved in the plural sense, that’s what I’m doing today. Embracing them. What a great Thursday opportunity to get in front of the camera. Here’s where the idea to embrace the camera came from.

A sweaty mama after teaching Jazzercise. So grateful for a supportive husband who loves Lizzy wake up/breakfast time before I get back in the morning.

A first–down the playground slide by Grammy & Grandpa’s new house.

Forgot about this one. How I love this little gift from the Lord!

My man and #1 beloved on earth.


A little too big but just the right size

At almost 9 months, she’s growing out of everything. Think she’ll need some time to grow into Bryn’s sassy glasses, though. A fun way to embrace the camera today with my sweet Lizzy. Thanks for taking the picture, Becky!

(Happy 30th birthday, Bryn! So glad she got to give you an early birthday kiss in Publix when we saw you–picture #2.)

We’d come to the office for a lunch meeting/walk-Lizzy-around-the-conference-room-to-keep-her-quiet. Then, we got to join in with some dear friends toward the end of their lunch gathering (and celebration–thus, the glasses).

Lizzy at Disney (almost…rhymes)

So, I’ve been a big fan of Emily Anderson’s for quite a while. Met her through Jazzercise then fell in love with her photography and wit.

Here’s me finally embracing the camera. (A great once-a-week challenge to get in front of the camera with someone you love.)

We’ll start with Lizzy and her first time at Disney when Uncle Chad was here this weekend.

Love this little one. This weekend she finally figured out how great breeze feels on her face.

She proceeds to squeal with delight each time.

She’s teaching me to delight in the little things a little more. Thank You, Lord, for this big little gift.