From Wagga Wagga to Wollongong

I love the names in this country. Part British. Part Aboriginal. 

And pretty obvious which are which. 

We are headed to Wollongong, about 2 hours south of Sydney, for the conference for all our Cru missionaries in the country. (About 150 of us).


We drove 5 hours yesterday from home to Wagga Wagga. I think a new, needed phone app is one that would calculate how long it will take you–in reality–with small children. And where to stop for toilets and wiggles and dinner  when you are navigating a country you haven’t traveled before.  


Thank you, Euroa. Your tiny town provided a place for dinner when we thought our only option would be the local–and sad–little IGA. (Yes, just like at home.) 

The town hotel that making more of it’s money from Pokies (gambling) than from overnight guests offered a Thursday night special of Parma and chips (chicken Parmesan and fries, a staple here).

I’m still trying to figure out how Aussies do meals on the road because most cafés and takeaway (takeout) places that pepper towns all close about 3…or 5, at the latest. 

By the number of parks and rest stops and propane BBQs offered as we drive, I’m thinking they really do pack their cars on trips to picnic and cook in the parks way more than Americans. 

So, grateful for God’s grace as I’m still learning how life works here.  

After staying overnight at a Big4 campground in a tiny modular-home-type cabin (like a KOA) in Wagga Wagga, we were off again. 

After a play at the playground. 


4 hours more to Wollongong. Or wherever that non-invented app would tell me. 😃

The landscape still surprises me. It’s like I forget how unpopulated Australia is, with the majority of people living in two handfuls of coastal cities–mostly on the east coast.  

Lots of ranch land and sheep and horses. And open space. It’s beautiful.



We just stopped for a lunch break at Gundagai, a town that seems out of the gold rush days. (A huge part of Australia’s history.) 

A burger with the lot (everything, including fried egg and beet root–sliced beet) a very Aussie lunch.  


Pray for us?

  • For us to have receptive hearts to whatever God would say to Scott and me during the 5-day missionary training/refreshment time
  • For 4 college interns who are coming to serve at the conference. There is a great likelihood that some might join the ministry after graduation and our (Angie and 2 others) recruitment team is thrilled and looking forward to lots of face-to-face time with them.
  • For the kids to settle well into the kids’ camp provided. And for new buddies who love Jesus

4 thoughts on “From Wagga Wagga to Wollongong

  1. Don Townsend January 16, 2016 / 12:34 am

    Thanks for bringing us along on this wonderful adventure! We love your pictures and stories!!!
    We are praying God blesses you all and those you come in contact with on this trip!

  2. Linda kreimeyer January 16, 2016 / 10:30 am

    Yes, prayers for you, your family, and the team and audience. And yes, the names are as strange as are some of our Native American names. Kissimmee, and then there is Tohopekaliga to wrap your tongue a round!

  3. Barb Dilworth January 18, 2016 / 12:59 pm

    Always enjoy hearing about your life and work. Keeping you in prayer. Very cold here in S.W. Iowa tonight but wanted to send you warm thoughts from your Loess Hills friends, blessings. Barb

  4. Ellen Cox January 23, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    Hugs and Prayers going your way Scott and Angie Bentley family!!!! Terry and Ellen

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