Update from Scott (ministry, Lizzy)

Scott here 🙂  We just wanted to give you an update on some of the most recent things we’ve been asking you to pray for.

Lizzy’s hearing has improved significantly.  Our new favorite pediatrician discovered there was indeed fluid built up deep in her ears from all the colds, hay fever, asthma, etc.  She prescribed a stronger decongestant that has totally worked!  Now Lizzy can probably hear about 85% of what is normal (in our estimation).

Please continue to pray that God will get her hearing back to 100% within the next few days.  if not, we will probably need to get her checked by an ENT to see what next steps are.

In the techie side of things, The Parting Gift App is 95% finished!  It’s the final 5% that has become very complicated.

Our programmer, Gaz, needed to return to the U.S. as his time in Australia is finished.  At the moment, we are looking for someone to help us publish the completed app to Apple, Google’s Android Market and Windows App Store.  We have a person tackling the Apple side of things, but we are actively trying to find someone experienced in the Android market.  Please pray someone comes along very quickly!

My boss and friend, James, and his wife had their baby!  Ava Jean was born this past Wednesday and entered the world very quickly.  They barely made it to the hospital on time. But, both mom and baby are doing very well. This means I’m running solo with the IT department until James returns from paternity leave. Pray for all of our systems to keep working–there have been recent challenges again with keeping in the internet up. That’s the latest from Down Under. –Scott

(P.S. Angie here–it’s Scott’s birthday tomorrow, Dec. 10th, and I know he’d love to hear from you on Facebook or email. Hearing from friends helps us feel like we’re not quite as far away as we really are.)

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