new health challenge & a praise about internet speeds at work

Right after we sent our last newsletter, saying we were almost finally well, our family faced another round of yuck. But, since then, a few things to tell you in which God answered “yes”:

  • Lizzy’s cold and Joshua’s conjunctivitis appear to be gone. Lizzy also had conjunctivitis, but it is also under control.
  • Turns out Joshua had a double-ear infection and, today, he finished his antibiotics.
  • The infection that has been lingering in Scott’s lungs for the past several weeks has been healed.

Now, we ask you to pray for a new health challenge. On Saturday, it became very evident to Scott and I that Lizzy’s hearing has deteriorated very noticeably. (Actually, now as we think about it, we think it’s been going on much longer.) Since it didn’t appear to be behavioural (not listening to us), we took her to an after-hours doctor who didn’t see anything blocking her ear canals and no infection. I take her in at 3:45 pm Tuesday, our time (11:45pm Monday EST) to get a referral for a hearing test. Please pray for healing for whatever is causing the loss of hearing in our little Lizzy.

Finally, in good news…Here in Melbourne, the teams that manage Cru Australia’s finances, donations, communications, etc. are heavily dependent on the internet. Over the past several weeks, the internet connection had been, at times, cripplingly slow. By God’s grace, James and Scott have been able to resolve the internet issues and increase the speeds by 400% as of Wednesday! Woo hoo!

One thought on “new health challenge & a praise about internet speeds at work

  1. melbabentley1 November 25, 2014 / 1:43 pm

    Praying for our SWEET LITTLE LIZZY’S QUICK RECOVERY!!!! : ) : ) : ) : )

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