when the internet crawls

I joke that I don’t even try to be computer-smart anymore. Let me tell you, it sure frees up my brain for other important things. Like remembering words I forgot in my first pregnancy.

But, seriously, I’m so thankful for how God’s wired Scott. He and his boss and good friend, James (below), worked after everyone went home tonight to troubleshoot an internet problem.

James (Scott's boss) and his wife, Jane, are about to have their first baby in a few weeks.
James (Scott’s boss) and his wife, Jane, are about to have their first baby in a few weeks.

And not a small problem–the internet’s been crawling at an incredibly slow pace for about a week now. Frustrating and work-inhibiting, at times. Multiply that for an office of 15 or so people who serve here at the Cru national office.

They wanted and needed to find a solution.

After testing something they could only do after hours, they deduced it might be an issue with the router. (If the non-tech woman here understands what Scott said.)

Please pray for a solution soon and for Scott and James to work on this problem with God’s insight and favor. They both have such a strong desire to help the missionaries easily do the work they need online.

I smile as I think of Scott, 7 years ago, working in Omaha at a corporate IT job. He probably wouldn’t have ever guessed what God had for him, using how he’s wired to help people hear about Jesus.

A new favorite thing is that Lizzy has to read to Maria, before putting her to bed. I found her like this yesterday.

Healthy praises: We found a new doctor (thank you, Ticiana Gordillo, for the recommendation!) who gave us real clarity about why this rash simply won’t go away. She confidently deduced that half of the rash is dry skin and the other half (which does look different and that’s perplexed us) is an allergic reaction her skin’s having to the virus in her body. When the virus is gone, it’ll be gone, she says. Oh, let it be! Thankfully, the rash continues to not be associated with pain for her.

We like Dr. Di Carlo so much that we took Joshua in today for his severe diaper rash (ugh, poor guy) and to make sure it was “just” a virus that he has (as well as asking about a speech pathologist referral) and she was just as helpful and compassionate.

Thank You, Lord!

2 thoughts on “when the internet crawls

  1. melbabentley1 November 8, 2014 / 6:51 am

    Angie, what wonderful, glowing praise you are giving Scott—and James!! You deserve the SAME WONDERFUL GLOWING PRAISE for being such a dedicated servant to Jesus and the human race!! You are SUCH A WONDERFUL WIFE, MOM, AND DAUGHTER-IN-LOVE, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU!!!! : ) : ) YEAAAA!!!! WE ARE SO BLESSED!!!! : ) : )
    Our beautiful Lizzy is so precious reading to her Maria!!!! : ) : ) WHAT A FUN BLOG!! : ) : ) Love, Melba : ) : )

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