Feeling better & nesting

Texted Scott tonight, “Creative juices flowing at Kmart. Not a phrase I’d ever have thought I’d utter. Checking out now.”

I never knew I’d be a K-mart fan but I found some things like the wall art ($12!!) and 3 clocks ($7 each–so excited!) to help make our nest a little cozier. And to help us remember what time it is in Eastern & Central.


I bought the lamps from a friend and got a piece to hold one lamp shade on tightly, but the same hardware doesn’t work on the other lamp.

Alas, a symbolic visual of the less-than-perfectly-on-straight Bentley family. 😜

I can tell I feel better because I popped off and cleaned the crazy-dusty window screens as well as wiping down Lizzy’s dirty blinds. May it help with her cough and ever-the-question rash.

And I started a new project! Any guesses?



Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day and a day off. We’d hoped to do something fun but it looks like Scott and this guy are coming down with what Lizzy and I are recovering from.

At least he looks cute–even if he thinks he lives in India…and is a woman.


2 thoughts on “Feeling better & nesting

  1. melbabentley1 November 4, 2014 / 2:21 pm

    What an AWESOME, FUN, CREATIVE time!!!! : ) : ) I LOVE the “Guy From India”!!!! : ) : ) Love, Melba : ) : )

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