what is that?

Shhh. I think I hear it. It’s stirring. The sound of people awake.

Oh, wait. It’s us! it’s 9:00pm and we’re not fried from the day, about to dive into bed! Is it possible that this is I’ve-lived-in-Australia-8-days-and-survived-driving-to-the-grocery-store-alone-for-the-first-time-and-stayed-on-my-side-of-the-street energy?

A bit about yesterday before we proceed to today:

First, I need to pause and thank the good Lord that Joshua slept through the night! That was reversed this morning, but I’ll take it for yesterday!

Laundry. Who knew it’d have to be well-timed laundry, taking into account 2 hours in the machine for a fairly-small load, and then time to hang on the line, get dry and take down before rain or night time. A beautiful day suddenly makes for a racing heart, happy for sun for all the stinky tiny socks that need a little laundry’in.


We got our driver’s licenses! I shouldn’t complain, but can you believe they didn’t make us take a written or driving test? Holy cow, good thing we’re a-MAY-zing drivers. Thank you, Vic Roads (aka their DMV) for getting us in and out in 30 minutes and making the entire thing a smooth, kind and overall non-U.S.-DMV experience. I’d gladly give you $148 for the both of us…all over again.

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 9.28.10 PM

A doctor appointment. Leave it to the medical-issue Bentleys to use the doctor the first week we’re in country. Thankfully, nothing big. Just a rash on Lizzy we’re not sure about. Seemed to have started by a bite behind an ear, but with her history of strep, we wanted to check it out, even when dr said she didn’t think it’s strep. No quick strep test so we’ll know Thursday morning. Culture note: doctors are very informal here. Dr. Anna (she introduced herself as just “Anna”) came out to get us from the waiting room and took us back with no pomp and circumstance and no white coat.



A sweet spot in the day–catching Catherine reading to Lizzy.



Kids awoke at 6:15am, yet somehow we’re not ready to leave the house until 10am. It’s like a culture-move hangover every morning.

Went to NAB, our Aussie bank. Is it me or does that sound like someone didn’t think through the potential marketing that could go awry, “Come NAB money!” or something along those lines?

Had to go in person because our PIN numbers weren’t working at the ATM. Took us going to 2 branches, after trying to get it solved over the phone. Turns out we have 2 savings accounts, a transfer account and an online account…and our money was in the savings account (not sure which one) and we’d just assumed we had a simple checking account I guess. Wow. That’s about as complicated as I don’t need it to be.

I’m learning…everything takes longer when you’re not in your native culture.

Even Lizzy got tuckered out in all the confusion.


But, we are on the other side now and have NAB’d our cash.

We needed to get the kids some runnin’, so went back to a new favorite park and had a picnic lunch of Subway. (Yes, they are here on many street corners–didn’t expect that.) A footlong was $7. Eat fresh–I’ll take it!

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 9.19.00 PM

A fun thing about parks here is that many are equipped with barbecues/”barbies”–and you bring your own food to use on their propane or gas grills (under green awnings).

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 9.18.50 PM

This week and next make up a 2-week holiday vacation for students, so the park was packed. Joshua kept eyeing a little baby nearby on a blanket with her “mum” and 3 other moms and I thought, “I wonder if any of those moms know Jesus.” From what we know about Melbourne, it’s unlikely. Oh, Jesus, give me Your heart and Your eyes for these people you love!

Lizzy’s been begging to pick lemons from Mark & Mary’s trees here, so we did and used them to make dinner tonight for our families.

Screen shot 2014-09-24 at 9.19.31 PM

I prepped dinner while kids slept this afternoon, knowing that we had another house to look at–an “inspection”–at 5pm, close to the office, and knew we’d be hungry when we got back to Mark & Mary’s at 6. We got our paperwork all ready before we went to see it, in case we liked it, so we could apply to rent at the end of seeing it.

We turned in our application and will know by Tuesday. An exciting first! Pray we’d know sooner than Tuesday, if God would get glory from it? (Owner looks at all applications and decides Friday, agent thought.) We look at another rental Saturday and can only have one application turned in at a time and Saturday’s option looks great, too.

Oh, and Scott looked at a car today and test drove it. We’re praying about it tonight and might go buy it tomorrow.

Sheesh. Enough of the major-life things we’re needing to decide. One day you’ll read up to see what we’re up to and the blog entry will be:

Life’s a bit calmer. Enjoyed a restful day. Joshua slept in until 7 and Lizzy counted lemons on the tree.

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