A daily food chart for baby and family

Is it just me or is it hard to plan meals for the adults in the family and then figure out what to give the baby? Oh my. So, I just got an idea. I wrote down the guidelines of what’s recommended/day for Lizzy (and at 11 months we’re about to switch over to 1-year-old guidelines, so I put them both). I put a column for her and a column for us for each category so I can be intentional to offer enough fruits and veggies—that’s where we can come up short as adults, I’m realizing.

I printed out 1 copy, grabbed a wipe-off marker, put it into a gallon-sized baggie (as I couldn’t locate a 3-hole-punched plastic sleeve) and put on the fridge. Ta-da!

Pretty excited I got a creative outlet while checking off something on my to-do list!

E-mail me (angie.bentley at ccci.org) if you want me to send you the file for you to tweak for you family!


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