Welcome Elizabeth “Lizzy” Maree Bentley!

Elizabeth “Lizzy” is now almost 1 1/2 weeks old and it’s amazing how quickly 2 adults can be exhausted after caring for a tiny, 7-lb. little person. We’re grateful, though.

She was born our May Day baby on May 1, weighing 7 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 1/4 inches, born a bit early at 37 1/2 weeks. (Yes, just the day before a friend came over to help organize baby clothes and we got 1/2 way done. Another friend came over the night before she was born and we got the glider recovered about 1/2 way…then, my water broke the next morning. So much for projects!)

We named her Elizabeth Maree Bentley.

Elizabeth is a name we both just love in general, but also chose it because of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist in the Bible. She’s a woman who believed God, taking Him at His word. Elizabeth “Lizzy” is the heroine in Pride & Prejudice, one of Angie’s favorite movies made from the 1811 Jane Austen novel. Lizzy is fun, witty, honest, beautiful.  Maree is the middle name of Angie’s mom and grandmother.


  • For a diabetic mommy, the labor went extremely well and my blood sugar stayed really steady as they let me stay on my insulin pump the whole time. I’m still floored that we were able to have Elizabeth without interventions diabetics often have. Thanks, Lord!
  • Friday we came home after being in the hospital for 2 days to get her bilirubin count down (Jaundice).
  • It’s a new day and I’m so very thankful. We 3 slept a little because Elizabeth did better last night after a day of what seemed like perpetual tummy hardships.
  • Our community of friends has been incredible. We came home from the hospital to an amazing surprise: a house that had been cleaned and organized (amidst all those 1/2-way done projects) by dear friends so we could re-enter home life more calmly. Another friend has come twice to help with laundry and finished helping us get the nursery ready. And meals are coming to our door in the hands of other dear friends.
  • I’ve absolutely loved seeing Scott as a dad and as a husband to me as we both figure out how to be parents to this incredible gift from the Lord.

Prayer Request:

  • For Elizabeth to put her trust in Jesus at an early age.
  • For me as I’m pretty weary, teary and tired most days. I truly didn’t know how hard this season would be of sleepless nights and trying to decipher what our new daughter needs. I’ve felt pretty cooped up so we’re trying to find a way for me to get out for a walk and some kind of errand every day to get sun and clear my head a bit. Scott is loving me really well and isn’t fazed by my tears the way I think I am—I’m thankful.
  • For us to live in the grace God has for us for each moment.

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