Lessons from Bentley move #8 (July newsletter)

We moved! The foreclosure finally closed and we are in our first home. There have been more than a few lessons from the Lord along the way…

Lesson #92: Be generous in surprising ways. Our friends sent us an amazing care package, based on the idea from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I would have just been happy with real mail at our new address, but I was a giddy 3rd grader when the mailman came.

Lesson #52: Learn to ask for help. Some assembly is always required. And when I ask for help, I also get  time with friends. Bonus! I also get to remind my  pride that I can’t be good at everything and that I need people. (Angie speaking even though it’s Scott’s picture.)

Lesson #47: Life will never be put-away-and-all-settled. Not in the first 3 weeks or ever. Live now where I am.

Lesson #11: Experiencing life with other believers is a taste of heaven, even if the believers are sweaty. We had 14 friends pack and unpack the moving truck in a record 2 hours. And the gals even set up our kitchen! I got weepy when we thanked them at lunch, grateful for such a tangible expression of God’s kindness to Scott and I after so many moves.

Lesson #1: This is God’s house and we get to be the caretakers. May we never lose our sense of awe and thankfulness. What a generous God who led us to lay our heads on the pillows here.


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